Adelaide West Special Education Centre

Health Support Planning Information

Adelaide West Special Education Centre is committed to supporting the health, safety and wellbeing of all students. An important part of this commitment is the Health Support Policy. Parents/caregivers are responsible for their children’s health care. This includes providing accurate, up-to-date and relevant information for staff regarding student’s routine and emergency health care needs.

Where possible students will be supported to develop safe, self-management of their health care needs. This will occur with respect for the student's age and stage of development.

Complex and Invasive Health Care

There are some students who have complex and invasive health care needs that involve procedures that are not routinely expected of educational personnel. These circumstances require the involvement of the Child, Youth Women's  Health Service (CYWHS) Access Assistant Program (AAP) who plan and provide complex invasive health care support. Health Support Officers (HSOs) are specifically trained to provide this support by Registered Nurses. This support may include gastrostomy meals, tracheostomy care, oxygen therapy or catheterisation.

Health Support Folders

A Health Support Plan is an action plan written by school staff in consultation with parents/caregivers and medical professionals detailing how individual student’s health care needs will be supported in the school setting. Most students have a Health Support Folder which should be with them at all times. The folder is used to document all health needs. All care plans are stored in the folder including Novita and Women's and Children's Health Network care plans.

Medication Management

Families are encouraged to give medication outside of school hours, e.g. three times per day can be taken in the morning (before school), afternoon (straight after school) and bedtime.

If medication needs to be given/taken at school a Medication Authority must be completed for each individual medication. This includes topical creams.

  • It is the responsibility of the parent/caregiver to provide the required medication
  • Medication must be provided in the original pharmacy container with directions on the label
  • The student’s name must be on the original label
  • Medication pharmacy label must match the supplied Medication Authority exactly
  • A maximum of one day’s supply is to be provided at any time (except asthma medication, creams and lotions)
  • Students who are classified as WCHN Level 3 may use a multi-dose medication authority
  • Parents must provide a Medication Authority for medications that may only be used as required (PNR). This medication may be sent in to school to treat a condition as needed. Instructions must be precise e.g. paracetamol to be given for headache every 4 hours
  • Medication for respite care must be packaged and labelled separately
  • School staff will complete the medication log when administering medication
  • Parents will be informed of any medication incidents