Adelaide West Special Education Centre

Health Support Planning Information

Parent/Caregiver Responsibilities are to:

  • Complete the enrolment form with accurate health/medical information
  • Ensure that the school has up-to-date information with parent/caregiver emergency contact details and at least 2 other people for back-up emergency contact
  • Complete the relevant Health Support forms by the treating medical practitioner, sign them as parent/caregiver and return to school staff (forms can be obtained from the class teacher if needed)
  • Work with school staff to complete a Health Support Plan
  • Ensure all medication is delivered to school as required and a Medication Authority is completed and signed by the doctor/treating health professional and parent/caregiver (see medication section for instructions)
  • Review and update the medical information annually or earlier if necessary. Forms are completed and signed by the treating medical or health practitioner and communicate any changes in health related issues with staff immediately. Documents are sent home during term four each year to enable parents/carers to see the doctor during school holidays
  • Return updated and complete Health Support Forms before the end of week two in term one each year
  • Provide and maintain health equipment (e.g. incontinence aids, hearing aids) as negotiated

Seizure Management

DECD policy states that an ambulance will be called for a student having a seizure lasting longer than three minutes, unless otherwise indicated in the student's Seizure Management Plan.

DECD policy states that an ambulance must be called if Intranasal Midazolam is administered to a student. The student will either be transported to hospital via ambulance or the family are to take the student home.

Transport (medical situation)

Bus/taxi drivers are not required to have first aid training. The driver will call for an ambulance if assistance is required. Students will not be sent home by bus/taxi if staff determine it is not safe for the student or driver. Families will be notified immediately.

WCHN may provide supervision for the students with high needs health support on transport. Transport assistance is only organised upon negotiation with the family, school and WCHN.

It is required that families provide the school with relevant and updated Health Support and/or Care Plan information. All information is confidential and will be strictly adhered to.

The school must be notified of any changes to emergency contact numbers or address.