Adelaide West Special Education Centre

Transport Arrangements

Students are transport to and from schoolThe Department of Education and Child Development (DECD) provides transport assistance in the form of car reimbursement, public transport grant, or taxi/bus transport for students with disabilities to attend the nearest special facility. The co-operation of families is sought in order to make things run easier for all concerned. Families are asked to contact the Adelaide West Special Education Centre Transport Officer if they have any issues regarding buses or taxis. Administrative staff are committed to do their best to help. Transport assistance is approved through the Special Education Resource Unit (SERU) organised and implemented by DECD Transport Services Unit. An application form to access this service is available from the school.

Students are expected to be ready 10 minutes before the agreed pick up time. Similarly at the end of the day a parent or carer is expected to be home to receive their child 10 minutes before the agreed drop off time. Taxi companies are in a position to charge families for any waiting time.

It is the responsibility of the family to contact the driver if their child is not attending school. The school must also be notified of a student absence.

Requests for temporary changes to existing transport arrangements (e.g. respite care) must be made on the appropriate form, available from the administration office. Changes to existing arrangements are not guaranteed. A change of delivery point for the purpose of respite care will only be supported when:

  • the respite care home is in the same vicinity as the school
  • it can be accommodated on an existing school transport run
  • changes to transport do not disadvantage other students travelling on the same bus

Please allow 7 days notice for transport changes to occur. Changes cannot be implemented until approval from DECD Transport, Students with Disabilities, has been received.

For permanent changes of address a new application needs to be lodged with the school. The appropriate form is available from the Transport Officer. Please allow 14 days notice for transport changes to occur. Changes cannot be implemented until approval from DECD Transport, Students with Disabilities, has been received.

Parents transporting their child to school can apply to receive a car reimbursement. Please refer all transport enquiries to the Transport Officer by phoning 8248 9100.

Bus and Access Taxi drivers have been given the following instructions should a parent or carer not be home when the bus/taxi arrives for “drop off” of students: “The driver must not leave students at unattended addresses unless specifically directed otherwise by the Principal and must wait for acknowledgment by the responsible adult prior to leaving the address. If there is nobody home at an address, the driver should immediately contact the school to ascertain appropriate alternate arrangements.” Drivers will contact the after hours school contact numbers provided.

If there is no-one home bus and taxi drivers have been directed to:

  1. Phone parents (please ensure that phone numbers lodged with the school are current and that mobile phones are switched on)
  2. Phone the emergency contact number provided
  3. Phone the school and follow instructions
  4. If there has been no contact with the family, the driver will wait a maximum of 5 minutes before completing the bus/taxi run and returning the child to school if school staff are still on site or to the local police station (if there are no school staff on site). It will be the responsibility of the family to arrange transport or collect their child from school or other care authorities.

Families will be invoiced directly for extra costs incurred in these instances