Student Behaviour Support

Dora Charlie Playing 1Adelaide West Special Education Centre follows the Department for Education Behaviour Support Policy.

Staff create a safe and caring learning environment, implement strategies to ensure positive learning opportunities and prepare students for active participation in their community. It is expected that staff and students are treated with respect at all times. Students are taught to accept responsibility for their own behaviour to a level that is within their developmental capability.

Positive Behaviour Intervention and Support (PBIS) is implemented as a whole school approach to teaching students appropriate behaviour. PBIS involves explicit teaching of desirable behaviour on a daily basis. There are three main expectations of all people at Adelaide West Special Education Centre:

"I am safe", "I am friendly" and "I am respectful."

Responses to inappropriate behaviour will involve staff, students and families in partnerships which focus on student strengths and provide support for students in crisis while reinforcing the rights of other students to learn and teachers to teach in safety and without disruption. Staff, students and families will work in partnerships to acknowledge student behaviour which meets the expectations of the school community.