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Adelaide West Special Education Centre

At Adelaide West Special Education Centre, our vision is to maximise our students’ potential through partnership with families, carers and community. We provide a positive learning environment, focussing on Mobility Opportunities Via Education (MOVE) and a high quality curriculum. 

Adelaide West Special Education Centre is a communication specialist school, supporting students with complex communication needs and a range of disabilities. Communication is a basic human right and our students are supported in using a variety of augmentative and alternative communication systems all day every day. Communication is an important part of our balanced literacy teaching as it supports the basics of reading and writing just as reading and writing support receptive and expressive communication. Teaching and learning is planned by teachers from the Australian Curriculum, the Child Protection Curriculum and the SACE modified program in ways that incorporate students’ interests and abilities as well as curriculum expectations. All students have individual One Plans with learning goals agreed between teachers and families at meetings in Term 1 that are reviewed regularly throughout the year.


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