Government and non-government schools and preschools are eligible for support from the Statewide Outreach Service.

The Outreach team can provide professional development sessions or support with assessing the needs of individual students and implementing strategies to support learning and communication.

The Statewide Outreach Service is staffed by educators with extensive knowledge and experience in teaching/supporting learners with disabilities and/or complex communication needs.

The Outreach team can provide support in the following areas:

Curriculum Support

  • Support with planning and implementing curriculum differentiation
  • Formulating achievable learning goals
  • Incorporating goals into the class program
  • Providing support in the use of specialised equipment and inclusive technologies
  • Modifying physical education programs
  • Mobility Opportunities Via Education (MOVE)

Assistance with Transition

  • Advice about transition of students between all levels of schooling
  • Support with identifying suitable sites
  • Access considerations
  • Staff induction

Disability Awareness

  • Workshop-style sessions for staff or student groups
  • Raise awareness and understanding of challenges faced by students with disabilities
  • Tailored to suit different age groups and disabilities

Complex Communication Needs (CCN)

  • Consultative support with assessing the needs of students with CCN
  • Advice with goal setting and implementing strategies to support communication and participation at school
  • Advice regarding AAC strategies, communication apps, and speech generating devices
  • Support with set up and implementation of the student's Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) systems including low tech systems, communication apps and high tech systems

Professional Development

  • Sessions on topics related to the above areas
  • Sessions on inclusive practices to enable learners to become fully participating members of the school/preschool community
  • Sessions on the role of support staff
  • Sessions on specific disabilities and their impact on learning

Referral Process

Referrals can be made by school principals, preschool directors, other school representatives or Department for Education and Child Development Student Support Services staff.

Please direct any enquiries to

See below for links to Statewide Outreach Service brochure, support request form, and other forms.