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Link Programs

Link programs are collaborative partnerships between Adelaide West Special Education Centre, Mitcham Primary School and Unley High School. The two programs support students with a physical disability or a physically degenerative disorder to access, participate and engage in the curriculum at the host schools. Students are enrolled with Adelaide West Special Education Centre but attend Unley High School or Mitcham Primary school as a member of their year level class, supported by Link staff.

Eligibility is determined by a Department for Education Psychologist and referral is made through a student’s current education setting via the NEP/One Plan process. Parents who are interested in exploring the Link program as an option for their child should contact the Director/Principal for their child’s current site or their local Special Educator.



To attend a Link program students must:

  • Be verified by a Department for Education psychologist as having a physical disability as their primary consideration
  • Be able to access engage and achieve positively in the school community in their age appropriate year level classes