Many of the students at Adelaide West Special Education Centre will spend a number of years working towards achieving the Foundation (Reception) level of the Mathematics component of the Australian Curriculum. In order to ensure that students experience a variety of learning within maths lessons, we take a whole school approach to the teaching and learning of maths and numeracy.

Numicon is used to support the learning of number. This resource provides ‘hands on’ experience of number through the use of specialised number tiles and pegboards. Our students enjoy using these and this supports good engagement with their number learning.

Other topics; measurement, time, shape, colour, size, location and transformation,  are taught in termly blocks using lots of concrete resources and activities that are meaningful to the students; cooking, daily schedules, moving around school etc.

Students who are working towards achieving their SACE (modified) learn numeracy concepts that will be important to them in their life after school; the use of money, timetables etc.